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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the glitter not moving in the snow globe tumbler?

The glitter will only move when the cup is empty and shaken. The best way to shake the cup is to turn it upside down and twist it from side to side. You can also store your cups upside down so that when you are ready to use it, it will just need to be shaken.


Why did the glitter stop moving in the snow globe tumbler?

The tumbler works just like a snow globe. When you shake the tumbler the glitter will flow nicely but unfortunately gravity will cause the glitter to settle until shaken again.


Can I drink hot drinks in the snow globe tumbler?

Snow globe tumblers are made for cold drinks. If you want to drink a hot drink it is recommended that you purchase one of the metal tumblers.


Do you seal the snow globe tumblers with epoxy?

No, I do not use epoxy on any of my products. Epoxy free alternatives are used on most Acrylic snow globe tumblers, however all vinyl that is used on tumblers is permanent and waterproof.


Can I put my tumbler in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer?

None of the handmade tumblers are dishwasher, microwave or freezer safe. You must follow the care directions included.


I hand washed my snow globe tumbler and the vinyl is peeling off. What did I do wrong?

Please remember these tumblers are handmade and delicate. When you wash them, they can not be submerged, scrubbed or in super hot water.

A rhinestone came off, what do I do?

Rhinestones are all glued on with industrial strength glue but at times, if they are hit the right way, one may fall off. Please contact me for some glue and replacement stones.


I see a bubble in the vinyl, can you fix that?

Some vinyl and layered images may have air bubbles. Please remember that each cup is handmade and minor imperfections will occur.


I am able to peel the vinyl off, can you fix that?

Please do not try to peel or pick at the vinyl, you will ruin your tumbler.

What will happen if I put my tumbler in the freezer or leave it in a hot car?

Please do not do either, you will ruin your tumbler.


I think my tumbler is leaking, I see some liquid missing from the top.

If the tumbler isn’t wet on the bottom, it is not leaking. The tumbler is not air tight and even though all bubbles are removed before shipping, air bubbles will naturally form inside the tumbler and eventually some water will evaporate.


My tumbler arrived broken, what do I do?

All packages are insured by the carrier. You will need to contact the carrier and fill out paperwork. You will also be required to take the damaged box and tumbler to the nearest carrier location for their inspection. This is the postal carrier’s rules. So please make sure to hold onto all contents of the shipment until you receive the letter with directions from the postal carrier.

Will my tumbler arrive in time for the holiday?

If you order by the announced cut off date, holiday orders should arrive in time providing there are no delays by the postal carrier.

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